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Welcome to the Australian Gliding Museum Home Page

handoverThe Australian Gliding Museum first met as a committee on February 26th 1999. This brought together a number of kindred spirits interested in preserving older and historic gliders. These gliders are scattered all over Australia and the aim is to collect them in a safe place before they become destroyed or deteriorate beyond sensible refurbishment.

Other interesting gliding paraphernalia also is becoming available. A strong catalyst for formation of a glider museum was the discovery that an important Australian designed Schneider glider had left Australia bound for a foreign collection.

Find us on Google map. To join the Museum view Joining and Visiting. To make a non monetary gift view Deed of Gift.

Annual General Meeting PDF Print E-mail
Written by Graeme Barton   


The 16th annual general meeting of the Australian Gliding Museum will be held on Sunday, November 1, 2015 commencing at 11 AM.

The meeting will be held at the Museum's Bruce Brockhoff Annexe at Bacchus Marsh airfield (Melway Key Map page 7) in conjuction with the Museum Open Day to be held on that day.

Directions via Google Maps


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J2mcL - Planeurs PDF Print E-mail
Written by MVIC   

planeursA new "Link" has been added to the website.

The site is managed by Claude Lacombe, a french enthousiast of gliders, especially old wood and fabric ones.

With a swiss friend, Jean-Marie Mesot, they manage a database about gliders and sailplanes of the world,

The site is available in French and English. Click the UK flag for the English version.

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Safe Towing Guide PDF Print E-mail
Written by VSA   
The VSA has recently been advised that other States outside Victoria have established their own requirements concerning 'rated' trailer shackles. These 'rated' shackles have coloured pins, are stamped with a Load rating and can be thicker (13 mm) than the shackles we commonly use and too large to fit to many tow hitches and/or chains.

See pdf Safety Towing Guide from Qld Transport & Main Roads which has a clear explanation of the regulations. Refer pages 7 & 8 regarding 'Safety Chain Connections'

However Hayman Reese customer enquiry centre ( tel 1800 812 017 ) advises that the use of rated shackles is a recommendation only. The 10mm D shackles from Hayman Reese are rated to 5.2 tonne and meet all State requirements. The shackles are stamped 'Hayman Reese' which provides traceability back to the supplier and are legal in all States.

The Customer service centre also commented that recent concerns on rated shackles, including reports of NSW police fining drivers, have been misinformation circulating on social media. They will be pleased to answer any queries.

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VSA Living Treasures PDF Print E-mail
Written by MVIC   



 Saturday October 12, 2013 - 3 members of the Australian Gliding Museum were presented with their "VSA Living Treasure" award.

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